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When Did Life Become Soooooooo Complicated?!?!?

While combing the Internet for inspiration, I found this picture. For those of you who are NOT at least 35 – 40 years old; this is a Fisher-Price town. Back in the day, this toy was EVERYWHERE. As I ponder … Continue reading

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10 Random Things About The Drewster

1) I love language. I love everything about words;learning new ones, using the right ones and putting them together in creative ways. Bad grammar bothers me way more than it should. 2) I love music from the 1980s, specifically one-hit … Continue reading

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I Never Thought I’d Like Impressionism, but……

Konstantin Razumov has an incredible ability to capture a simpler time. The faces in these portraits and street scenes capture the innocence of an imagined sophistication of the early 1900s, I’m guessing, by the style of dress. Very elegant. Time … Continue reading

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Arthur Braginsky – Fine Artist

Arthur Braginsky – Fine Artist. Art is a very personal experience. Artists provide glimpses into their minds by creating what they see, yet each of us experience that view in our own way. They speak through their medium and their … Continue reading

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Championing Mediocrity in 5 Easy Steps!

1)  Accept that your current level of knowledge is all there is to know – Treat knowledge as a destination, not a journey. 2) Fear change – Embrace the ‘that’s how we’ve always done things’ phrase as your mantra. 3) … Continue reading

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Selfies At Funerals

I don’t know how something like this affects other people, but this seems like a new level of sacrilege.  With risk of turning this into a Dante’s Inferno-esque “rate my sins” debate, I am wondering if this shares the same … Continue reading

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What It’s Like In My Brain

On some days, this really captures what it’s like in my brain.  Some of those “thoughts” on the entrance ramp each represent ideas for stories I wish to write, but can’t seem to get into regular traffic. The rest of … Continue reading

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