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Working Title: Homicidal High

Driving through the moonlit countryside, Charlene built her story for missing curfew. Good grades might allow her to dodge the brunt of her parent’s anger. While the missing windshield would be tough to explain; her biggest problem was resting on … Continue reading

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Low Brass In The Wild

Bubba threw another clarinet on the campfire. This year, he promised himself that he’d take marching season seriously this year. The bitter, cold Fall wind swept over his make-shift camp. He felt the rush of blood into his lungs with … Continue reading

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Death In A Red Dress

Her mind wandered from the moment. This evening would end like all of the others. She would have another soul; the man, sitting on the barstool before her, would die. You always remember the first time, smiling at the thought. … Continue reading

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The Deskjob From Hell

The silk shirt slid easily under his tailored jacket. His hand reflexively touched his silk tie then came to rest on his lap. He didn’t want to be here. The once calming desktop landscape of a stapler, tape dispenser and … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Leon

Tired of his daily mundane corporate existence, Leon decided to pursue his dream of becoming a superhero. He accepted that his crime-fighting origin was no more mysterious than picking out a post-Halloween costume sale. He struggled for weeks for his … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid Of Canadians?!?!

Having the right wrestling name, the recruiter had told him, would make all of the difference. Ideally, it should in strike fear into the hearts of his enemies and intrigue in the minds of his fans. Other than suggesting using … Continue reading

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Synthetic Flesh

An unshaded bulb oscillated above as Jared worked furiously in the dim basement light. Nearly faint from blood loss, he rinsed the gash in his left forearm with Old Crow Whiskey, soaking his makeshift tourniquet. Digging into a box labeled … Continue reading

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