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My Snack Looks Like Ohio

With far less intrigue than Stonehenge and far fewer spiritual implications than the visage of Christ forming in the rust of a silo on Fostoria, OH; I bring you a piece of Swiss cheese. Author Note: The large hole that … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Leon

Tired of his daily mundane corporate existence, Leon decided to pursue his dream of becoming a superhero. He accepted that his crime-fighting origin was no more mysterious than picking out a post-Halloween costume sale. He struggled for weeks for his … Continue reading

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First walk on ice

There’s nothing politically controversial about a little Russian toddler discovering a frozen puddle. This is cute.  Seriously. Maybe even TOO cute.

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More Fun With Broccoli

While driving to work, I thought of some new broccoli-based words I’d like to introduce to the English language. Broccology – the study of broccoli Paleobroccology – the study of OLD broccoli Broccolitis – swollen broccoli Broccolistic – with broccoli-like … Continue reading

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Championing Mediocrity in 5 Easy Steps!

1)  Accept that your current level of knowledge is all there is to know – Treat knowledge as a destination, not a journey. 2) Fear change – Embrace the ‘that’s how we’ve always done things’ phrase as your mantra. 3) … Continue reading

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Halloween Conference Call

I thought this was somewhat entertaining….

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What It’s Like In My Brain

On some days, this really captures what it’s like in my brain.  Some of those “thoughts” on the entrance ramp each represent ideas for stories I wish to write, but can’t seem to get into regular traffic. The rest of … Continue reading

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