Championing Mediocrity in 5 Easy Steps!


1)  Accept that your current level of knowledge is all there is to know – Treat knowledge as a destination, not a journey.

2) Fear change – Embrace the ‘that’s how we’ve always done things’ phrase as your mantra.

3) Complain about everything – If you can’t be outright nasty, at least whine about something.

2) Assume everyone is working against you -People can be untrustworthy, right? Just cut to the chase and act on the assumption they are after you, even if you’re not sure.

1) Be impulsive – Rather than actually paying attention, putting thought into things and exercising judgement; rush into decisions based on whim.

About drewster55

This blog will not give you a shiny, full head of hair, but it will provide a glimpse into the mind of a 40-something male who has a penchant for family life, science, nursing, education, coffee, and pop culture.
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