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This blog will not give you a shiny, full head of hair, but it will provide a glimpse into the mind of a 40-something male who has a penchant for family life, science, nursing, education, coffee, and pop culture.

Inadvertant Sabbatical

Due to the intensity of a new job position, I have temporarily suspended my writing pursuits. When things settle, I will return. Thank you for your blog reading patronage. -The Management

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RevMedx’s XStat Sponges Seal Gunshot Wound In Just 15 Seconds

This is cool.

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Exercise #942

Blend the following six words into a piece 50 or fewer words. For an added challenge, try using the words in the order that they happen: peek, prod, plummet, prance, pose, promise Peek-a-boo backless hospital gowns Offer little defense from … Continue reading

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Days Of Old

A legend as old as time itself, So the story goes. A noble prince waged war against the most dark and vile of foes. Deep in the forest primeval near the ancient spring. Lived the fiercest dragon that e’er took … Continue reading

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One Year After the Sandy Hook Shooting, A Mother Remembers Her Daughter

On December 14th, 2012 I went up (as usual) to the bus stop with my three beautiful little girls in the back of our van.  I remember vividly pulling up to the corner of the road and being welcomed to…

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[POEM CHALLENGE] Animate the Inanimate

Originally posted on Virginia the Viruliferous:
The other day, you all saw the product of a very clever and stimulating poetry challenge presented to me by my new follower, Drewster, on my Make Me Your Pawn request page. Today I…

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10 People I’d Like To Have Coffee With

10) Steve Martin – Author, Comedian, Actor – His book Cruel Shoes will be talked about for years. 9)  Martin Gore – member of Depeche Mode, wrote most of the music for them 8 ) Adriana Lima – supermodel and keeper … Continue reading

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Working Title: Homicidal High

Driving through the moonlit countryside, Charlene built her story for missing curfew. Good grades might allow her to dodge the brunt of her parent’s anger. While the missing windshield would be tough to explain; her biggest problem was resting on … Continue reading

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Low Brass In The Wild

Bubba threw another clarinet on the campfire. This year, he promised himself that he’d take marching season seriously this year. The bitter, cold Fall wind swept over his make-shift camp. He felt the rush of blood into his lungs with … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Rejection Letter

Dear Sir,         I would have taken the time to return your manuscript, but didn’t want to risk having it fall into the hands of someone else who might accidentally read its passages. I had contemplated burning it in my furnace. … Continue reading

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