[POEM CHALLENGE] 5 Words, 5 Haikus

Behold! The 5 Word Haiku Challenge results

Virginia the Viruliferous

Challenge-Accepted-Barney-StinsonMost of you know I have a little page on my blog called Make Me Your Pawn. It is essentially a request page, where you can suggest a topic for my rant about, or a poem prompt for me to try. The other day I received more of a friendly challenge from a great writer and new follower, drewster55. He presented a 5 word Haiku Challenge: with the 5 words provided, write 5 haikus, and as a bonus challenge, try to make all the haikus fit into one theme.

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About drewster55

This blog will not give you a shiny, full head of hair, but it will provide a glimpse into the mind of a 40-something male who has a penchant for family life, science, nursing, education, coffee, and pop culture.
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