Things I Hate/Dislike/Not Prefer….


O.k., with risk of sounding like a hater/hata?, Here is a short list of things I’m troubled by…

1) The smell of hot asphalt

2) polka music

3) weak coffee

4) hidden agendas

5) anchovies

6) FB political arguments

7) Any Windows operating system after XP.

8) Lime-flavored things

9) Accordians

10) You know when you open the ‘fridge to get some food, but find the smallest scrap on a plate. Left there by someone who technically ate the food, but was too lazy to take the plate out and wash it. I really don’t like that.

About drewster55

This blog will not give you a shiny, full head of hair, but it will provide a glimpse into the mind of a 40-something male who has a penchant for family life, science, nursing, education, coffee, and pop culture.
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