Today’s Word Fun: Chutney

As part of the requirements of retain my nerd certification, I bring you, never before, variations of words.


– having to do with chutney.
Chutnology– the study of chutney.
Chutnicity – acknowledging one’s cultural relationship with chutney.
Chutnologist– one who studies chutney.
Paleochutnologist– one who studies old chutney.
Chutnegate– being denied chutney.
ChutnApril– Heard of ROctober? This is ChutnApril.
Chutnasty– when the chutney goes bad.
Chutnascent– the birth of chutney.
Chutneedle – what one needs when chutney is inserted intravenously.
Chutnacious– having a strong chutnic traits.
Chutnability– having chutney creating skills.

AUTHOR EDIT: Just one more to add. let’s not forget the most notorious and powerful form that is skilled in the martial arts.


Please feel free to add additional chutnic comments below.

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