Managing Relationships Via Technology


While technology may offer some efficiency and convenience, I don’t see how cutting out the personal presence as being a good omen.  With attempting to start a relationship, there seems to be too much of a chance of the feelings being one-sided. Being perceived as a stalker is just as uncool as actually being one. Awkward. On the off-chance the text recipient shares some of those feelings, much can still get lost in the transmission of words, void of other communication cues of volume, pace, and tone….not to mention, lacking non-verbal cues to draw meaning.
Breaking up via texting seems very self-centered. The focus of not wanting to feel awkward becomes more important than the feelings of the other person receiving the bad news. While it may seem to be a cleaner break, the lack of closure could likely cause more negative sentiment towards the electronic ‘dumper.’  Instead of making it low key, the break-up now lacks closure and could fuel a campaign against him/her; simply because they couldn’t ‘nut up’ and break-up in person.

For the record, electronic management of emotions is just plain wrong.


This post was inspired by some of the questions posed over on QUORA.COM.

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